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GLN is a pharmaceutical grade glutamine. Improves recovery after intense training, in addition to strengthening the immune system. In its formulation, L-Leucine has been added to promote recovery and L-alanine and taurine for absorption.

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GLN is a pharmaceutical grade glutamine powder of the highest quality and is part of the branched chain amino acids. It has a recovery effect after intense training and boosts the immune system.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and plays a wide range of vital roles, such as supporting the functioning of the immune system, energy production and protection in building muscle mass. In times of stress, the increased demand for L-glutamine can exceed the body’s ability to create it. This is when glutamine becomes a conditionally essential amino acid to ensure optimum levels of optimal physiological functions.

Ingredients: L-glutamine,L-leucine,L-alanine,taurine,fructose,lemon juice concentrate powder ,acidifier (citric acid), lemon flavouring and sweetener (sucralose).

Amount per recommended daily dose (5 grams): 3225 mg of L-glutamine, 496 mg of L-leucine, 397 mg of L-alanine and 248 mg of taurine.

Directions for use:
Mix 5g ( 1 dispenser ) in 200 ml of water.
It is advisable to take GLN after training or competition , or before bedtime.


  • Exerts a powerful energy and muscle recovery effect thanks to branched amino acids.
  • Slows down catabolism and regenerates muscle tissue.
  • Boosts glycogen accumulation.
  • Contains L-Leucine which increases protein synthesis.
  • It also provides L-Taurine which promotes post-exercise recovery.

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