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The Roller Pack consists of: Isodrink Pro + Reload + Total Live

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The Roller Pack consists of:

  • ISODRINK PRO It is an isotonic and energy drink with a formulation specially designed to facilitate the replenishment of mineral salts lost through perspiration. It has a protective effect against the action of free radicals* that are largely produced during sport.
  • RELOAD is specially formulated for all athletes who need to maximise their performance during their activity, as well as to promote recovery after intense physical activity. Made with exclusive ingredients that make Reload a unique supplement (PRE-PERI-POST). In its composition, the best ingredients have been meticulously selected, which synergistically confer energy, isotonic and recovery properties. A formula has been added to cover joint and inflammatory damage, improve nutrient absorption with Digezyme®.
  • TOTAL LIVE is a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, designed for people who practice intense sport. Vitamins with high antioxidant power have been added to counteract the negative effects of cellular oxidation. It provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for proper body function and prevents possible deficiencies of any of these micronutrients.



  • Promotes hydration
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Promotes recovery
  • Provides vitamins and minerals
  • Reduces cellular oxidation

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